Grameena Vikas Kendram

Grameena Vikas Kendram Society for Rural Development (GVK Society) is a new generation impact organization that blends entrepreneurship with social responsibility. Together with its marketing arms, GVK Society strives for the upliftment of small and marginal farming communities, primarily focusing on tribals and women in India by designing innovative market-driven models while regenerating their environment. In addition, GVK Society is supporting 5 Farmers Producer Companies (FPCs) with capacity building and market linkages.

Prowess Advisors

Prowess Advisors aims to be a global pioneer in food and Agribusiness advisory and Investment Banking services. Built on over 50 years of collective experience across various advisory roles and assignments, we offer nuanced, customized solutions to drive dynamic, result-oriented growth. We can leverage a wide network of investors, business houses, industry experts, multilateral organizations, government agencies, and seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals to help food and agribusinesses achieve business goals and create lasting, sector-wide impact.


ASA is a 31 year old accounting and consulting firm with a team of over 700 professionals, spread across 8 offices in India. We work with our clients, many from overseas, to help them set up offices and factories in India, find partners, acquisitions, take care of their taxation, audit, accounting and business support requirements, GST advisory, risk advisory and help with restructuring and liquidations as well.

The East Corridor Consultants

The East Corridor Consultants is working on sustainable solutions across various platforms and offering innovative solutions to make a substantial impact on society and mother Earth. TECC believes in ‘3R’ strategy of waste management i.e., Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. TECC would like to create a positive holistic impact on the environment by producing range of sustainable products with agricultural wastes e.g. paddy straw (parali), sugarcane bagasse, banana stem etc. Let's Live Sustainably.

Blue Sky Analytics

Blue Sky Analytics is a Climate-Tech Startup using satellite-derived climate intelligence to power financial decisions. Using their proprietary AI & ML models, the company provides off-the-shelf and bespoke global data solutions across various environmental indicators including GHG and carbon emissions; flood, drought, wildfire, heat risk and much more. With wide-ranging applications, the potential use-cases of this data may include monitoring & measuring physical climate risks of various assets, calculating climate VaR and stress testing for various warming scenarios. Blue Sky Analytics’ data can be accessed via their user-friendly platform SpaceTime™, and convenient APIs.


NLWorks connects Dutch innovation and earning capacity with global social challenges through public-private partnerships. Their mission is to ensure that businesses, government agencies and knowledge institutions can work together in long-term programmes with economic as well as social impact.

Humankind Group

Humankind Group (“HKG”) is a business incubation, development, acceleration and investment firm focused on creating innovative, highly scalable and commercially viable businesses and ecosystems to improve human lives and heal the planet.

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in India is co-founder of BMI. With their guidance in 2018 an agreement was signed between Dutch and Indian organisations to reduce the negative environmental, health and social impacts of the open-air burning of paddy straw and valorizing the paddy straw. A follow up partnership was signed in 2019 and the Embassy has supported the establishment of Biomass India. In continues its support by their role in the Advisory Board.