From paddy waste to valuable products

To achieve our goals, we have organised our initiative around five business models, so-called tracks, with the highest success rate in Indian and international markets. Each track has been thoroughly explored and researched. The tracks focus on existing markets in which the demand for sustainable alternatives is growing. BMI is interested in the following five main markets.

Sustainable agriculture is one which depletes neither the people nor the land.

- Wendell Berry

Market Opportunities


A network of hubs throughout India

BMI sees plenty of opportunities in this field. How does it work? We save rice straw from being burnt and give it a new life. How? By setting up a network of hubs in India where the harvested rice straw is collected. Each hub has various silos to process the rice straw in different ways. The straw is converted into climate positive products, produced using green energy generated from the rice straw. In this way, we not only gain raw materials but we also drastically reduce CO2 emissions, making BMI products climate positive. We do this with the help of Dutch and Indian investors, retailers and technical experts. Good to know: everything we do is done in close co-operation with local farmers, for whom this new use of rice straw provides extra income.