About Biomass India

Biomass India (BMI) is the pioneering Indian organisation for biomass up-cycling. We are the go-to partner organisation for state governments and industries who want to eliminate the practice of agricultural residue burning and are willing to invest in waste-to-value ecosystems in their regions. BMI aims to become the leading Indian forum for biomass upcycling. The programme, which started in 2021, provides a unique waste-to-value ecosystem, which intends to deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and the Paris Climate Agreement goals. It brings together entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, farmers and policymakers in innovative partnerships to use agricultural waste to create products and services of value for the global market.

Our Services

Eco-system Development (facilitation)

Biomass India (BMI) brings together entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, farmers, NGOs, scientists, various government entities, and policy makers into a unique ecosystem to accelerate the set up of waste to value supply chains. We work with global companies and world’s leading innovators in the field of biomass upclycling to develop high end solutions to facilitate a waste-to-value ecosystem.

Matchmaking | Partnership Development | Best Practices

Procurement Assistance (initialization)

Biomass India (BMI) connects straw buyers to producers across the country to devise the setup of a waste to value supply chain. By working closely with the farming community and government authorities, we can identify exact locations, spearhead the conceptualization of the supply chain and, where required, provide capacity building support to guarantee a stable and constant supply of feedstock.

Procurement strategy | Equipment linkages | Capacity building

Processing Assistance

Biomass India (BMI) conducts industry research in the waste to value sector and provides advisory services to help set up suitable projects. We identify leading technologies from around the globe and study growth markets of the future to advise industry players on investment and market opportunities.

Market Development | Technology identification & licensing | Project finance and equity syndication | Business plan development

Standardization & Policy Advisory

Biomass India (BMI) partners with companies and government institutions across the country to develop policies that facilitate the acceleration of waste to value initiatives. We aim to create a favourable environment for private sector investment by ensuring such investments are contributing to the environment and creating value for farmers while providing rural employment.

Standard Development | Certification | Policy Advisory | Public Relations | Environmental Impact Assessments


Brought to market in five main industries: energy, construction, fertilizer, paper and textiles


Established of 100+ companies.


Preferred partner status with national & state governments.


Annual turnover of 224 Million by 2026

Advisory Board

Mr. Rajesh Srivastava

Chairman, Rabo Equity & Prowess Advisors

Dr. U.S. Awasthi

Managing Director IFFCO Ltd. New Delhi

Dr Leena Srivastava

Deputy Director General, In International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) Former Vice Chancellor, TERI University & Chair/Co-chair of several UN Panels

Mr. Abhiram Seth

Chairman, Aqua Agri (a JV of IIFCO) Former, Director Corporate Affairs, PepsiCo

Mr. Nitin Prasad

Chairman, Shell India, New Delhi